Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB

Although the rear-view camera is less accurate than the S6, the company reduced it to 12 instead of 16 but the sensors and technologies added to the Samsung S7 gave it a preference over its predecessor phones. Dual Pixel and Image Stabilization have made images even more impressive. The 5.1-inch screen is a good size and 577 dpi resolution, giving a higher screen quality. IP68 technology which makes it resistant to dust and water. Always on Display technology, which allows the user to know the notifications and to know the date and time without the need to press any button. The Exynos 8890 is an eight-core processor and its performance with the phone is excellent and gives great quality in running applications and games. Fast charging technology for battery and wireless charging. The phone supports a fingerprint reader sensor.
Delivery date: 1-2 days